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Short Story About Our SEO Company

We pride ourselves on our SEO knowledge of online digital media and having an understanding of what works. Our long-established relationships mean we will secure the best search strategy that will benefit to your brand...

We can implement truly engaging digital marketing techniques such as effective SEO strategy, Video Creation, Engagement ,Website Development, Brand Awareness, Social Media Natural Search, and many more.

We’re even looking ahead, with one foot in the future of digital as we look towards developments that are just around the corner – or already here – including Natural Programmatic, Chatbots, SEO Voice Search and Virtual Reality.

  1. Jan, 2005
    Company Beginnings

    3 Years Testing, Researching and Analysing Created SEO websites to generate 40k to 100K+ page views per day.

  2. Nov, 2007
    Onwards and Upwards

    Field leading from direct SEO strategies, in the insurance sector for 2+ years at number one positions for a £10 per click. This helped gained a large intake of leads and customers.

  3. Oct, 2009
    Further Ahead...

    600% increase in CPA across a 16 month time frame, lead by PPC & SEO for a £1 billion+ PLC business with 5,000 employees. Delivered strong search foundation to nearly 40 brands.

  4. Jun, 2011
    Building the Brand

    Finance Sector PLC project management and engaging website built from scratch, to deliver a journey leading to increase in customers. Saved 110k per month direct from Natural, PPC and Social traffic. Helped to gain 8.4 million pounds for natural search alone in revenue, for 1st -3rd position rankings in a £20 CPC sector.

  5. Mar, 2015
    Delivering Every Time

    Delivered directly from SEO - over 100,000 competitive finance leads, which would cost £1,200,000 to purchase individually.

    Delivering focused Social campaigns to engage and convert in extremely competitive industries and sectors.

    Directly saved a from reduced PPC costs over £1.4 million pounds for a large brand - all driven from natural SEO traffic.

  6. Jan, 2017
    Where We Are Now

    As of this, our SEO Search Whitelabel business is ready to deliver – and still growing exponentially. We have big plans for the next year. Join us for the next part of the SEO Agencies journey...

We Work for Your Profit

Everything we do at SEO Agency is witha view to being of benefit to you and your brand. If something doesn't achieve this - we're not interested, hence the headline. We really do work for your profit. To reflect this, our business model ensures maximum potential for profit as a result of any services or packages we put in place for your business.

Effective SEO Tasks Completed

We stick to our supremely effective SEO business model in order to ensure maximum impact for your brand and any campaigns you take on with ourselves.

We Complete a Proof of Concept First

We provide proof on concept prior to any ongoing campaign, giving you peace of mind and extra assurances that our strategy is the right seo strategy.

Our Promise is to Deliver

Most importantly – we work for your profit. When we say that, we mean it. Our central goal at SEO Agency is to always deliver on our promise of any services or services being a benefit to you and your business.

Meet with Our SEO & Digital Experts

Our in-house team of digital experts boast a wide range of skills and expertise in a variety of areas and services. Looking for an SEO Specialist, quality Copywriter or Senior Web Developer? We have all of those - and more!
Steve Pavis
Steve Pavis

Digital Director

Francesca Content Curation
Francesca Content Curation

SEO Search Content Engagement

Ashar Our Search Manager
Ashar Our Search Manager

Search Specialists

BK Website Design
BK Website Design

Website & Search Specialists

Link Building Strategies
Link Building Strategies

Building Quality Backlinks

James Link Building Strategies
James Link Building Strategies

Building Quality Backlinks

Denise SEO Credit Controller
Denise SEO Credit Controller

Credit Controller


UX and Engagement

Excellent Support
Director whether it's over the phone, via email or on a video or Skype call, we provide updates and support across the entire SEO digital process. We are here to help you from start to finish.
Awesome Team
We have a truly awesome team who can provide brands with their respective areas of SEO knowledge. These reach across the entire range of search services and aspects relating to online digital sphere.
Faster Performance
Our meticulous service implementation, particularly our full SEO package, results in a faster performance for your all-important website - thanks in part to the equally fast performance from our team.

Our Vision

SEO Agency – One Journey – One Marketing Goal Quality Converting Customers.

Our Customers Say

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I first encountered Steve from SEO Agency whilst working for DFH/Moneynet where under his expert guidance, we achieved some phenomenal results in some highly competitive financial markets. Not only did I find him to be incredibly driven to achieve, I found his passion for SEO to be incredibly infectious making working with him an absolute pleasure.
Highly Competitive Financial Markets
Highly Competitive Financial Markets
I had the pleasure of knowing Steve whilst working at FairPoint Group Plc. At that time we were working on several major SEO projects including DebtFreeDirect and ClearStart websites. Steve has a deep understanding of search engine world and has his finger on the pulse of the latest trends in SEO.
FairPoint Group Plc.
FairPoint Group Plc.
Steve from SEO Agency has dedicated his career to SEO and his knowledge and skills in this area are second to none. These skills married with a solid knowledge of lead generation make him a huge asset to any online business.
SEO Specialist
SEO Specialist

Our Valuable SEO Clients

From 2005 We have worked with many respectable clients, including large franchises who have used our expertise in areas such as SEO, Website Development, PPC and more. Click the button below to view more of our truly valuable clients...