Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC Strategies

PPC is a sure fire way of getting your brand noticed ahead of the thousands of others online. PPC ads are highly targeted. The advertisement appears when a potential client or customer searches for a specific phrase that fits a certain profile.
  • PPC is part of a paid search strategy, as apposed to the natural search of SEO.
  • Pay per Click advertising is a highly effective method of marketing your brand to a certain type of customer.
Video Advertising
Video is a truly powerful form of advertising. The facts don’t lie, people who have watched a product video are 85% more likely to make a purchase...
PPC Remarketing
PPC makes use of search engine advertising in order to generate website clicks, as an alternative to the harder task of developing those organically.
Social Advertising
These ads can be extremely well targeted to almost any specific audience, resulting in a tailored reach for your bespoke campaign.
Display Advertising
The increase in digital display formats means more opportunities to advertise your business in a more dynamic and powerful way, and that's where our agency services come in.
PPC Management Provided
Social Advertising Projects
Successful PPC Remarketings
Successful PPC Remarketings

Our Customers Say

SEO Agency are on hand whenever I need them, I often have ridiculously tight deadlines which to most would be unachievable.SEO Agency however, goes above and beyond and have been known to work long hours to meet my deadlines.
When we first met SEO Agency, they promised that their team would care and would deliver. We saw both. In spades. From bold, clever creative to last minute changes in customer grabbing copy, the team were both flexible and forthright.
Village Hotels
Village Hotels
They have helped us grow the Roomzzz brand and increase our revenue due to their advice and experience. Working with them is a pleasure and we truly consider them to be part of our team.
I first encountered Steve whilst working for DFH/Moneynet where under his expert guidance, we achieved some phenomenal results in some highly competitive financial markets. Not only did I find him to be incredibly driven to achieve, I found his passion for SEO to be incredibly infectious making working with him an absolute pleasure.
Highly Competitive Financial Markets
Highly Competitive Financial Markets

Our Valuable Clients

We’ve had a fair few high-profile, valuable clients making the most of our amazing PPC package. From initial strategy to implementation and reporting, we see our projects through to the very end in order to ensure maximum benefit to your business.