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Reduce Customer Acquisitions Costs: Loan Sector

Online Marketing Business Metrics You Can't Afford to Ignore, You could Save 1.2 million Per Year .

The cost of a business to acquire a new customers online is massive and can be *2 *3 of adverting revenue this is how we reduced a 5 year year on year 1.2 million pounds PPC spend to nothing, for the direct cost to acquire new customers (CAC) in the adverse credit uk loans sector market place



Reduce PPC spend from the current 1.2 million pounds a year for highly competitive Pay Per Click keywords like Bad Credit loans , Loans for Bad Credit , Adverse credit loans ,Consolidation Loans,Debt Consolidation Loans which range from £5 to £15 cost per click in google adwords



Looked for marketing verticals & traffic generators that are not directly paid for advertising so (SEO) search engine optimisation been a natural traffic source and unpaid was select to incorporate Page 1 listings and test other forms of natural traffic online

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The Result of Our Work

We achieved this milestone with optimising natural SEO traffic from 3 main project tasks first with technical seo best practices then On page SEO and finally one of the main drivers is OFF page SEO it took period of 12-14 months in total with a incline of month on month increases to gain higher positions over time to rankings on page 1 in the top 3 places saving 1.2million pounds per year.

  • Saved 1.2 Million pounds spend over the next year
  • Website Conversions to over 400 Loan leads a day
  • Stopped Google Adwords Paid Traffic ( and  OMG would you believe not one phone call from google to say Hi Guys how is it going! i see you stopped you 1.2 million spend a year !
120,000 Leads +
1 in 4 CPA
1345% +Traffic

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