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SEO Explained: How Search Engine Optimisation Works

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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation can give your brand a visible & effective search presence.

Strong SEO can lead to a great upturn in sales, profitability, and cost efficiency for website and audience reach. Search engine optimisation is one of the most effective ways of increasing your brand’s online standing and developing leads or e commerce sales from your website.

AN EFFECTIVE SEO STRATEGY - Search Engine Optimisation is a must for every brand...
Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase
  • One of the central marketing techniques that help online brands craft a successful business is search engine optimisation, which refers to the process of matching your website and its content up to algorithms that search engines (such as Google) utilise in order to rank websites.
  • The better your SEO strategy, the higher up you will appear. The higher up you appear in search engine results, the more clicks and conversions your brand is likely to get. SEO is one of the key services we can offer towards making your online presence truly complete.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Core Services Include:

Organic search refers to non-paid search marketing, giving your brand increased organic exposure on search engines using a variety of methods.
On page SEO can help boost your search engine ranking via the use of appropriate keywords, tags and responsive content.
Link Building to acquire backlinks to and from your website in conjunction with sites that have a high quality score/page rank.

Website SEO Analysis

Prior to any website development or SEO package, we can run a website analysis for you and your brand completely FREE of charge. Using expert analysis tools, we can run various data analytics programmes and put together either a brief or comprehensive report regarding your website’s current condition. We can then collate tasks required, going forward from the conclusions we draw from the reports.
FairPoint Group Plc.
I had the pleasure of knowing Steve whilst working at FairPoint Group Plc. At that time we were working on several major SEO projects including DebtFreeDirect and ClearStart websites. Steve has a deep understanding of search engine world and has his finger on the pulse of the latest trends in SEO.
FairPoint Group Plc.
Highly Competitive Financial Markets
I first encountered Steve whilst working for DFH/Moneynet where under his expert guidance, we achieved some phenomenal results in some highly competitive financial markets. Not only did I find him to be incredibly driven to achieve, I found his passion for SEO to be incredibly infectious making working with him an absolute pleasure.
Highly Competitive Financial Markets

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SEO Explained

SEO Explained

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is crucial to the success of any website SEO is a way of wording the content on your website in a manner that will allow the search engines to easily find your page and assign it a rank for search results If you have poor SEO quality, your ranking will be very low, making it nearly impossible to be found by a random search

Unless you are very familiar with SEO, which most business owners are not, you will need the assistance of an SEO agency for your website A SEO agency can review your site content and change or create new content that will provide better search results

Our SEO agency

Our SEO agency

Can also help assist your business with site design that will enhance your rankings In many cases, our  SEO agency can offer continued services to keep your site fresh and relevant in the search world

Search engines will change their ranking methods to ensure that their results provide the most relevant information to their users Only SEO companies  have the ability to keep up with the latest search engine requirements as we live and breathe SEO , As you will agree businesses do not have enough time to do this on a daily basis

The Internet is ever changing Each day brings about a new way to promote your business or to increase your search rankings Business owners simply do not have the time to follow these trends while managing their businesses This is where a SEO agency comes into the picture

A SEO agency is fully committed to knowing the latest SEO trends and to provide their clients with that knowledge Their only business is to give their clients all the tools they need to be ranked high with the search engines

Businesses that do not utilise the services of a SEO agency stand a good chance of having poor preforming sites because they are not being found by potential customers A business that wishes to successfully compete on the Internet must have good SEO, it is just that simple

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 6 Steps

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 6 Steps

Is the process of gaining traffic from search engines by using relevant content and keywords to make a website visible to users. By determining the purpose of the site and the target audience, the SEO Process will get the website seen by search engines and increase traffic, reaching a wider audience. These 6 steps will increase a websites viability.

6 Massive SEO Steps to Take Action on

1 Key Words.

The first step in the SEO Process is to research key words related to the site. Search engines use Key Words to let clients know what information the webpage contains. This allows clients to view your website in the search results and access your site, giving it a higher ranking, and moving it up the list of search results.

In order for search engine optimisation to work best it’s important to choose keywords that people are looking for SEO tips include creating good quality content and thoroughly cover your niche topic A keyword should be used in the first sentence and approximately 3 to 4 times throughout the article Using too many keywords in an article makes it harder to read and also is recognised as spamming

Other SEO tips involve keyword related terms, which is using keywords that are related to or stem from the subject of your website Use different variants of your keyword in page titles, meta titles and meta descriptions It’s important not to use default tiles and meta descriptions There should be single titles for every page that’s applicable to the subject of the content

2 Content

Once the key words have been chosen, it is time to write the content. The key words should be dispersed thoroughly through out the content, making it visible to the search engines. The more the key words are used, the easier it will be for the search engines to locate, and index the page for clients to view.

3  Engine Friendly Design.

A Search Engine Friendly Design helps search engines find and index your web pages so they can be viewed by clients. Using alt attributes in HTML will provide search engines a text description of visual content, allowing search engines to find your pages and show them to clients. Similarly, adding text to Flash/Java Plug-in, and video/audio content, will allow the content to be searched and indexed. Enabling your content to be viewed by search engines is a critical step to building a website that will be beneficial to clients.

4 Deep linking

Is another way to use search engine optimization This strategy connects keywords to associated content on a website SEO tips include using deep linking for all the inner pages of a website to make them more visible in SERP and rank higher Some ways to use deep linking for seo purposes are web 20s, blog commenting and forum signatures SEO tips also include using at least five to ten inbound links are usually recommended

5 Submitting Your Website to search Engines

Submitting your websites to popular search engines allows for faster indexing of the website and its pages. This means that it will appear in the search results faster making it accessible to clients. As well, using anchor text will give the page a higher ranking on search engines, especially if the text links to a similar page with a high ranking.

6 Analyse Rankings and Traffic

This final step of the SEO Process is important to maintaining the websites viability. As search engines are constantly updating their information, continuous analysis of rankings and traffic must be done to ensure that the content is still relevant. This can involve adding, or changing content when necessary, to keep the website on the search engines list.

SEO Process from our Agency